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Small Family Cafe

The small award winning family café opened its doors in 2016. The start of any great adventure starts small, this is where we started. A small business located in the Penrith region making every customer smile with our coffee and hospitality.

School Canteen

We started to expand our business looking at schools. We opened our first canteen in 2020 and it was a big hit. Lines were building to get the fresh cooked food from the canteen.

Now Roasting for you!

Now we have expanded even further into producing our own products so you can take a small part of our family and bring the joy to yours.

we love it here and eat here every day

mick and marg

my whole paycheck gets spent here every week, so much yum!

student year 12 - canteen

the coffee course was so much fun i want to do another one!


awesome time, awesome people, thank you

Horse and Harpy

Full Bloom has got to be my new go to brew!

Hams Made

Cannot thank you enough for all the effort you put into making sure we were well trained in making good coffee.


Your Full Bloom Blend makes the best cold brew I've ever had.


Wow! Can't believe how fast that delivery came, Thank you.


It's so good making coffee at home now that I know what I'm doing.